Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Umbrella To Go Kit

Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Umbrella To Go Kit

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Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Umbrella To Go Kit

The BRX compact flash units are a further evolution of the features and quality that are Elinchrom. The concept is simple : control, power, speed and versatility. With many programmable features and the EL-Skyport remote system, the BRX enables photographers the greatest freedom to express their individuality. The BRX series deliver the quality of performance needed for a modern workflow. They are perfect for portraiture, product and architectural photography.

This set includes the latest EL-Skyport transmitter Plus. A strong and robust design which enables photographer to simply trigger and adjust flash power up to 200 m (656 feet) away, optimize reception by its swivel functionality and is powered by AA batteries.

    Weight 23.9 lbs. (10.86 kg)
    Warranty Duration with Online Reg 2 Years
    Energy (WS/J) 250
    F-Stop 45.8
    Flash Duration 1 / 1558
    Recycling 0.27 - 1.02
    Color temperature in °K at max. power 5500
    Auto Power Dumping Adjusts power settings automatically
    Power Stability ± 0.5%
    Voltage Multivoltage 90 – 265 V
    Modelling lamp mode Free, proportional, VFC: -0.5 - -2.0 f-stop
    Modelling lamp 230 V 100 W / E 27 - 23002
    Modelling lamp 115 V 100 W / E 27 - 23006
    Flashtube S-Type, omega plug-in, user replaceable - 24009
    EL-Skyport (Built-in) Built-in transceiver, 8 frequency channels and 4 groups
    Sync voltage 5V
    Sync socket 3.5 mm
    Fan Cooled Yes
    Umbrella fitting Centered 7mm and additional 8mm bracket on the tilt head
    Max. power consumption (230 V / 50 Hz) 380 W
    Max. power consumption (115 V / 60 Hz) 270 W

    Skyport delivers the most comprehensive synchronisation and control, and it’s unique to the whole Elinchrom system. Your creative edge in lighting.

    • Super short flash durations with our bespoke twin electrode A(Action) flashtube.
    • Intelligent pre-flash detector system enables the full use of BRX 250 / 500 with speedlights.
    • High capacity intelligent fan cooling offers higher work capacity.
    • Independent modelling lamp control.
    • Visual Flash Confirmation option. The modelling lamp switches off/on to confirm the flash has been triggered.
    • Rigid chassis enables the largest accessories to be used.
    • Centred 7 mm umbrella shaft enables also the use of the unique Elinchrom Deflector set.
    • Stand bracket with additional umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts
    • User replaceable plug-in flashtube.
    • Multi-voltage auto-detection : 90-270 V (excluding modelling lamp).

    2x BRX 250 ; incl. 100 W lamp, protective cap, sync cord and mains cable
    2x Umbrella wide reflector 90° 16 cm
    1x Eco silver umbrella 85 cm
    1x Eco translucent umbrella 85 cm
    1x EL-Skyport transmitter Plus
    1x Translucent deflector
    1x Tripod set 2 (2x 88 – 235 cm with bag)
    1x Tube case for D-Lite 2/4
    1x 2-year warranty