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MeFOTO C2350Q2K GlobeTrotter Travel Tripod Kits (Black) - Demo

MeFOTO C2350Q2K GlobeTrotter Travel Tripod Kits (Black) - Demo

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Very Good

This one? That one?

The GlobeTrotter is available in aluminum or carbon fiber.
Pick your favorite color! 

Also a Monopod
It's not magic, just ingenious design. The removable leg and center column combine to convert the GlobeTrotter into a full size monopod without tools. 

up to 64.2"
Although compact when folded, the GlobeTrotter extends over 5 feet tall, giving you the height range you need. 

The GlobeTrotter can handle
heavier cameras & lenses without
weighing you down. 

Aluminum or carbon fiber?
If you do the type of traveling where every ounce counts, the carbon fiber model is for you, weighing only 3.7 lb.

Want lightweight but also economical? The aluminum model weighs 4.6 lb and will save you $160. 

Heavy duty
Supports 26.4 lb. 

As the largest of the MeFOTO family, the GlobeTrotter holds larger DSLR bodies, and up to a 70-200 f/4 lens, steady. 

Carry Case
Each MeFOTO comes with its own carrying
case for transport and protection. 

Backed by
MeFOTO’s 5-Year

Three years when you buy + two years
when you register.

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